2019 Winter Season Registration

The following fee schedule is applicable for registrations from 14 January 2019.

A minimum deposit of $100 is required at the time of registration to participate in team grading and be eligible for team selection.

Returning players
Returning players in 2019 must pay registration fees and where applicable, the Volunteer Bond. 
  • Registration  $315
  • Volunteer Bond $30 

Volunteer Bond rollover for returning players
If you are eligible for a rollover of the Volunteer Bond from 2018 you will receive an email from the Club stating that you do not need to pay the bond. After you register, your account will be credited with the rollover amount. 

If you do not receive this email, you must pay the Volunteer Bond as part of your registration.

Returning players eligible for Volunteer Bond rollover
  • Registration         $315
  • Volunteer Bond (credited after registration)  $30 
      MINIMUM DEPOSIT:  $100

New players
New players joining Aspley Devils Netball Club in 2019 must pay registration fees and the Volunteer Bond. Upon completion of a volunteer duty in 2019, the Volunteer Bond is rolled over to the following season.
  • Registration    $315
  • Volunteer Bond    $30 
TOTAL AMOUNT DUE:       $345
MINIMUM DEPOSIT:          $100

Volunteer Bond: $30

The Volunteer Bond is paid by all individual players (or the one family, i.e. immediate family members registered to play in 2019 and residing in the same household) at the beginning of the season and is refunded or rolled over at season's end upon completion of a volunteer duty for the club. 
Duties considered appropriate for refund are as follows:
  • team coach or assistant coach
  • team manager
  • management or sub-committee involvement
  • regular scoring (at least six full fixtures)
  • other non-paid duties/roles as deemed appropriate by the Management Committee.

Upon completion of a volunteer duty in 2019, the Volunteer Bond is rolled over to the following season.

Discount offers

Family discount
  • 10% for second registered player from immediate family
  • 20% for third/+ registered player from immediate family

  • The family discount applies to immediate family members including a parent, child or sibling under the age of 18, residing in the same household who are registered to play in the 2019 season.
  • All discounts are offered at the discretion of the Management Committee.
  • The Volunteer Bond is still payable for those who did not complete a duty in 2018.

IMPORTANT: Players will not be announced in a team if full payment of registration fees is not complete by Teams Announcement night (payments must be received by Thursday 14th March 2019).

Payment plans

  • If you would like a confidential discussion about a payment plan, please contact our Treasurer BEFORE 11th February 2019 for more information.
  • All payment plans are subject to Management Committee approval, with a 30% minimum deposit required at time of registration. 
  • Payment plans are direct debited from your nominated bank account on a 1, 2 or 4 week frequency. 
  • Payment plans are subject to additional fees:
- Each payment will incur a fee of $0.77 (incl. GST)
- Failed withdrawals will incur a fee of $5.50 (incl. GST)
- Additional fees are also payable if a scheduled direct debit is cancelled on the day of the direct debit.
  • Payment plans are frozen if two withdrawals fail and are subject to approval again at the Management's Committee's discretion.
  • All fees must be paid off by 20 April 2019 (i.e. one week prior to Round 1).

Player withdrawals

Should a player wish to withdraw registration prior to teams announcement a refund of the minimum deposit is granted on request. After teams announcement, players are registered with DPNA and Netball Queensland and are subject to those payment terms and refund conditions.


Get Started Vouchers

The Queensland Government Get Started Vouchers program provides assistance for children and young people who can least afford, or may otherwise benefit from, joining a sport or active recreation club. 

Eligible children and young people are presented with a voucher that provides up to $150 to help with the costs for membership and participation fees. The vouchers can be redeemed at Aspley Devils Netball Club.

A three year schedule has been released to provide applicants with time to plan prior to the opening of each round.

For more information visit


Banking Details

If you need to make a deposit, please do so into the following account:

Account Name: Aspley Devils Netball Club Inc

BSB Number: 484-799

Account Number: 043014577

Message Reference: Please insert the player's name & purpose

PLEASE NOTE: If you elect to pay by direct deposit please email remittance receipt to the Treasurer Treasurer@aspleydevilsnetball. 


General Meeting

The General meeting for the club is typically held in the middle of the season. This meeting is open to all members. All meetings are held at Craiglea State High School.

General Meeting

Aspley Devils Netball Club meets following the Downey Park Netball Association Council Meetings. 

The date for the 2019 General Meeting is as follows:
  • Tuesday 18 June - 7pm 

Annual General Meeting

Aspley Devils Annual General Meeting is held following the Downey Park Annual General Meeting. 

The 2019 Annual General Meeting will be held on:
  • Tuesday 19 November - 7pm


Club Constitution

You can view our Constitution here.

Privacy Statement

Our club collects and retains members' information for our club records. Details you provide to us are also forwarded to Downey Park Netball Association for player and team registrations. Downey Park Netball Association in turn forwards information to Netball Queensland for player registration and insurance purposes.

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