Canteen Roster

If you are completing a canteen duty, you need to:

  • Be punctual
  • Wear closed in shoes
  • Be over 16 years of age
  • Complete your shift for the full 2 hours - you cannot split this shift, sorry!
  • Do a handover with the next shift of volunteers

Duties include: preparing food, cooking chips, filling ovens, restocking fridges, packing lolly bags, cleaning up and manning the cash register.

Coffee and tea are complimentary if you are completing a duty - all other items must be purchased.

At least 1 volunteer for the BBQ will be required to cook on the barbeque.
Please note: Failure to attend your duty will incur a $25 per hour club fine!

Why do we have to do canteen duty?  Downey Park raises money through the canteen which in turn helps keep their fees lower so it's a vital part of keeping overall membership fees down!

If you would like to do a canteen duty, please email Melanie Jenkins with your preferred timeslot - 

Canteen Roster 2018




2 June11:30am-1:30pmKim Goulter (Team 2)
2 June11:30am-1:30pmSheridan Walker (Team 2)
2 June1:30pm-3:30pm
9 June8:30am-10:30am BBQRos Melrose (Team 19)
9 June8:30am-10:30am BBQThuy Poh (Team 18)
9 June10:30am-12:30pm BBQMelissa Speziale (Team 18)
9 June10:30am-12:30pm BBQPaul Thomas (Team 10)
9 June11:30am-1:30pmLeandra Hawkins (Team 8)
9 June11:30am-1:30pmRachael Eastes (Team 3)
9 June12:30pm-2:30pm BBQAdam McNiven (Team 10)
9 June12:30pm-2:30pm BBQPetina Gledhill (Team 7)
9 June1:30pm-3:30pm BBQLucy Kemp (Team 1)
9 June1:30pm-3:30pm BBQRachel McDonnell (Team 1)
21 July10am-12pmLouise Robertson (Team 19)
21 July10am-12pmTanya Barr (Team 11)
21 July12pm-2pm Michelle Murphy (Team 8)
21 July12pm-2pmJanet Walker (Team 9)
28 July10am-12pmRachael Brown (Team 4)
28 July10am-12pmCarly Sheard (Team 4)
28 July12pm-2pmPetina Gledhill (Team 7)
28 July
12pm-2pmRach Brown/Mel Jenkins
1 September11am-1pmRachel Collins (Team 5)
1 September12pm-2pm
1 September12pm-2pm

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