2018 Coaches

TeamDivisionCoachAssistant Coach
Team 1Division 1Kat KellyKarina Cole
Team 2Division 3Patrick Griffin
Team 3Division 4Bridget Condon
Team 4Division 5Rachael Brown
Team 5Division 6Brenda Brohman
Team 6Inters Div 2Jill Russell 
Team 7Inters Div 6
Rachael Brown
Team 8Cadets Div 3Kat KellyKarina Cole
Team 9Cadets Div 7
Amy Bowman
Team 1013yrs Div 2Bridget Condon
Team 1113yrs Div 6Andrea Hickey
Team 1212yrs Div 2Ruby Russell
Team 1312yrs Div 6Lauren McDonnell
Team 1411yrs Div 2Romy ShortDusty Kendall
Team 1511yrs Div 6Jess Isaac
Team 1610yrs OrangeBronwen Gilder
Team 1710yrs NavyBronwen GilderAlex Carroll
Team 188/9yrs RedBronwen Gilder
Team 198/9yrs WhiteBronwen Gilder

Our coaches play an essential part in making our club successful!  We value our coaches by encouraging them to develop their skills and offer support to them throughout the season.  Some of the benefits of being an Aspley coach are:

* We pay your Netball Queensland registration fee
* We give you a subscription to Sportplan, an online treasure trove of drills and session plans
* We provide you with an Aspley club Coach t-shirt
* We offer full reimubursement upon completion of your online Foundation Coaching course
We offer 50% reimbursement of any further coaching courses you undertake
* We provide you free entry to trophy night

As well as the above, we also give you a gift of appreciation at the end of each season!

If you are interested in coaching for Aspley Devils, please contact our Coaching Convenor on

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