Welcome to Aspley Devils...the family club

We take pride in being known as the "Family Club", and we provide a happy, safe and fun environment for players of all abilities. We particularly appreciate and value club loyalty and look forward to welcoming back our long-term members as well as new players from ages 8 years to adult.


27th May draw - updated








8:40am378/9yrs RosePine 24vAspley 19
9:40am1511yrs Div 4Aspley 16vSt Margarets 10
9:40am711yrs Div 2Gap 31vAspley 15
10:40am112yrs Div 1Vipers 8vAspley 13
10:40am1612yrs Div 4Aspley 14vCanons 13
10:40am3310yrs SilverAspley 18vRaiders 37
12:00pm3210yrs LimeAspley 17vSt Margarets 13
12:00pm20Cadets Div 2Aspley 9vVipers 5
12:00pm1413yrs Div 3Stuartholme 9vAspley 12 *
1:20pm13Seniors Div 4Samford 3vAspley 3
1:20pm16Seniors Div 6St Margarets AvAspley 6
2:40pm12Cadets Div 7AHS 23vAspley 11
2:40pm21Cadets Div 4Aspley 10vAHS 17
2:40pm14Seniors Div 5Aspley 5vValleys 4
2:40pm5Inters Div 2Aspley 7vAHS 3
2:40pm13Seniors Div 5Canons 5vAspley 4
2:40pm8Seniors Div 3Raiders 5vAspley 2
2:40pm1Seniors Div 1Valleys 1vAspley 1
2:40pm3Inters Div 6AHS 9vAspley 8#
* Division change

# Updated game from regrading

2017 Draw

The draw for our season is now available:

(Updated after round 8 re-grades)

Cadbury chocolate fundraiser


By now you should have received a box of Cadbury chocolates as part of the club’s fundraising.  This is our major fundraiser for the year and we rely on this to help fund our end-of-season Trophy Night so your help is very much needed and appreciated!  :-)

We have issued 1 box per family (distributed to the eldest child).  If you haven’t received yours yet, please see your coach or manager as they most likely have yours.  The boxes contain Freddo Frog varieties to sell at $1 each.

We have allocated a couple of months to sell chocolates so plenty of time to hit up work colleagues or family members!  :-)

When you have sold your chocolates, please return your money envelope (make sure your name AND box number is written on the envelope!) to your manager or to our Fundraising Convenor, Alex Carroll.

Able to sell more boxes?  We’d love the extra support so if you can sell another box, please let Alex know and she’ll arrange to get another out to you.

All monies and/or unsold boxes must be returned by Saturday, 15th July.  Please contact Alex on fundraising@aspleydevilsnetball.com.au for any enquiries.

Wet weather??

If games are to be cancelled due to wet weather, Downey Park will issue notices on their website and Facebook pages.

We will repost these messages on our sites asap, but would encourage all our members to visit Downey's sites first for the latest info.  Links to both sites are below:

Second-hand uniform Facebook page

Our new Second-hand uniform page has been setup on Facebook!

Use this page to get in touch with new and existing members to buy, sell or swap pre-loved uniforms!

* Looking to sell?  Simply post details of your items with sizes and prices
* Looking to buy?  Post what items you need and how much you are willing to pay
* Looking to swap? List details of the items you have and what you need.

Last updated 28 Mar 2017
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